Familytree Eric-Anders Hansson - (PDF fil)
Grandfather Arne Hansson - (excel file ENG)
Grandfather Arne Hansson - family history (PDF Eng)
Grandmother Märta Östling - (excel file SWE)
Grandmother Märta Östling - family history (word file SWE)


My grandmother Märta Östling, and grandfather Arne Hansson came from Nederluleå socken. Most relatives comes from the village around Luleå, Kalix and Råneå, for example the parish Brobyn, Börjeslandet, Brändön, Siknäs, Mårtsön, Ängesbyn, Sunderbyn, Sävastbyn, Persön, Unbyn.

Most of them worked as farmers, but some of them where soldiers, craftsmen, and “
nämndemän” (permanent jurymen), which were twelve local men of good repute.


Please read about the sad human fate of Lars Henric Andersson Berg born 18.08.1798, that was executed on “Gäddviksheden” 19.12.1828.


English translation is only made for “Arne Hansson family history”, due to the fact that some of them “went to America” . We are were proud and pleased to keep in contact with several descendant to Beda Hansson (she took the name Anderson when she arrived in America). Many of them are still living in Seattle.